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Biorhythm Dais
by George Karos

George Karos's poetry marks personal parallels between the cycles of biorhythm and transformations of the intellect, seemingly out of control and constantly changing. With illustrations by Justin Wiest.

Breathe In, Breathe Out (and try to whistle as best you can)      NEW RELEASE

by George Karos

George Karos continues to trace his life’s journey in verse with characteristic parallels in personal growth and societal transformation. With photographs by the author.

Chaos Uncorked
by Patrick Russell Gibbons

A bold collection of modern verses by educator and poet Patrick Russell Gibbons. His poetry holds vivid imagery that eloquently expresses the emotional intensity of fear and love of man and nature, with gay sensuality and a spiritual reaction to AIDS.

Cold Knife Surgery
by Suzette Bishop

In this long poem based on her experience surviving cancer, Suzette Bishop has created a powerful book of healing. An inspiring work for anyone searching to regain a sense of self while dealing with medical and financial obstacles, frustration, and fear.

The Crown of Affinity
by Laura Qa

In this new collection, Laura Qa brings an explicit dimension to her distinctive visionary poetry. Discordant scenes of daily life are vividly juxtaposed with fantastic images of human reactions to modern technology and values.

The Distance of Ducks            
by Louis E. Bourgeois

The poetic writings of Louis E. Bourgeois offer an exacting appreciation of personal tragedy, and of an infinitely larger world that embraces "the indifference of life to all things." With unwavering self-awareness, the poet defies universal authority, and challenges the reader's perceptions of passing events. His work is void of spurious hope, yet taunts us with a lingering sense of individual purpose.   

Heart on a Leash
by Grace Cavalieri

Collected verses by the extraordinary host of "The Poet and the Poem from the Library of Congress." Here, in her tenth book of poetry, written in the metaphysical tradition, is the essence of the search for the meaning and the poet's life of discovery.

Kiss It Where It Hurts
by Vanessa LaFaso

A new chapbook of never-before published poems by the much admired South Jersey performance artist. Vanessa LaFaso categorizes her poetry according to the way she believes life should be balanced, "Love and lust, loathing and loss, lyrical and loony."

Passion for Apocalypse
by Susan Cole

Susan Cole examines the thoughts and actions of ordinary people that seem to ultimately form a society feeding on deception, fear and violence, and uses her poetry to build a different link between small and large events. With photographs of original sculptures by Robert T. Cole.

Personal Values: Writings by Uncommon Women
by Elizabeth Croydon, Laura Qa, and Dee Snyder

An anthology of experimental writings in poetry and prose, reflecting the alternative lifestyles and confrontational tenets of three very different women from the performance art underground.

Poetry in Hell
by Greg Gerding

Selected works of Greg Gerding's unique poetry and prose, depicting personal struggles with contemporary ideals and the conflict of duality in behavior and morality. With illustrations by Phil Merkle.

Spectator Turns Witness

by George Karos

Poetic reflections on a world where the individual has lost a sense of self involvement and acts as a mute receptor. George Karos crosses into the depth of metaphorical interpretation to find confirmation and become a witness.

Squeezing Sand
by James Kerns

Poems from the publisher of the urban arts journal, Mobile City. With unexpected honesty and optimism, James Kerns challenges the reader to delight in ordinary experiences. His verses are drawn from his personal life and adventures.

Tribute to the Hound
by Laura Qa

Inasmuch as the title pays homage to the dog that guards the gates of Hell, Laura Qa blends the images of modern and ancient myths to create verses that venture into the realm of the soul and appraise survival after death.

True Stories : Fiction by Uncommon Women
by Grace Cavalieri, Susan Cole, Laura Qa, Jean Russell, and Dee Snyder

An anthology of unusual short stories by five unique women, each told with awareness and insight into the fundamental depths of human character. Less tangible than ordinary narratives, they are none the less more real, rendering reflections beyond common fiction.

The Voice of the Image
by Laura Qa

An intense and powerful collection of fantasy and metaphysical verses. Poet Laura Qa uses words as super sensual symbols that penetrate ideas, moods and emotions in the depths of the unconscious mind.

Wake Me Up and F*** Me
by Dee Snyder

A revised edition of the notorious chapbook featuring Dee Snyder's first published works. This popular collection of poems and punk rock lyrics is laced with the author's trademark sex and humor. Guaranteed not to put you to sleep.



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