George Karos

Biorhythm Dais

Breathe In, Breathe Out

(and try to whistle as best you can)

Spectator Turns Witness

Photo by Monica Lipscomb


George Karos was raised in Martinsburg, West Virginia. He attended public schools until the completion of seventh grade. He attended and graduated from Saint James School in Washington County, Maryland. He received a Bachelor of Arts from West Virginia University in 1991, and Master of Arts from American University in 1999. He has worked for various arts projects and organizations to promote and facilitate the presence of the arts, as a magazine columnist and poetry editor, and as lead singer for rock bands Glory Journal and Mail Order Bride. As a solo artist, George Karos has toured and performed in musical venues throughout America with an emphasis on the region of his Mid-Atlantic roots. He has also performed solo works in improvisational settings in regional art spaces with nationally known artists and music groups. He continues to write, record, tour, and perform his acoustic music infused with poetry.



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