True Stories: Fiction by

Uncommon Women

84 pages (1997)

trade paper, perfect bound

ISBN 0-9637704-6-2



About the Book

A lonely little girl and a dying old man... 
The haunting dream of a guilt-ridden murderer... 
Mysterious time-space travelers
—real or imagined—
in the mind of a middle-aged alcoholic... 
A college student's search for identity in the 
unconventional lifestyle of the underground... 
A nonviolent pedestrian in a confrontation of race, 
gender and social status on a busy city street... 
... suicide, grief, insanity, homelessness
—and the 
elements of understanding, compassion and kindness that 
help us to learn and grow from life experiences. 


These are the ingredients of modern fables, existing at the most fundamental depths of human character, and brought to the surface by the uncommon women who tell these and other stories, here in this book. Less tangible than ordinary narratives, they are nonetheless more real. They tell us about truths that are seldom recognized or frequently misconstrued, but more often than not, are simply ignored. The authors share their awareness and insight in stories that may shock you or scare you, make you sad or make you laugh, make you angry or touch your heart—inasmuch as they will in some way fill you with reflections beyond common fiction. 



Articulate Contemporary Art Review, March 1997 
"The complex goal of a collection of short stories is to present strong individual voices while retaining a sense of consistency. Add too much to either side and you've off set the delicate balance. In the latest collection of stories from Red Dragon Press, True Stories: Fiction by Uncommon Women, this goal is achieved with precision."



Grace Cavalieri • Mr. Sprague Above the Hardware Store • The Sieve • Susan Cole • Sleepless in Washington • Diving In • Vadonna • Laura Qa • Forewarned • Someone Screaming • Jean Russell • Ruby, the Invisible Woman • Old Brown Truck • Dee Snyder • The Bus • The Hand • Female Fling • A Socialist in Adams Morgan


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