Spectator Turns Witness

by George Karos






32 pages (2000)

trade paper, saddle-stitched

ISBN 1-891387-03-0



About the Book

In this, his second collection of poetry, George Karos continues his depiction of the plight of the human spirit in modern society. He says of his own work, "I tried to capture in my writing a humanistic, yet guarded, shrouded, almost concealed, sounding of my personality—the unconscious, surreal depth of metaphorical interpretation.

Karos's poetry invites us to contemplate a world where "people have lost their sense of self-involvement...are less active and participatory," where the individual is "one who watches as a mute receptor."

He explains, "With these poems, I found confirmation, testament, and proof of my 'essence.' I wasn't merely a spectator, bystander, observer, or mute receptor—I crossed the bridge into my unconsciousness and became, however briefly, a witness."



Affecting a Young but Aging Woman • Regarding Him • Of the Unknown Poet • Ode to the Prosperous Comedians • Classical Movements between Songs • Subject to Observer • Surviving an Outlandish Ambush • My Friend Sadie • Caveat Emptor • Regarding John-John • Western Fools and Eastern Lovers • Accusing an Attractive Man • Blank Ambition • Two Reactions to Autumn • The First Thirty Years • My Daily Commute • For a Young Lady traveling to East Asia in Hopes of resolving Tensions between Herself and a Former Lover • Universal Standing • A Quip takes Form



Classical Movements between Songs


During the performance,

people in the audience

looked at me as though I

possessed two heads:


one of slight conversation,

the other of lame perspectives.



I persuaded my squeamish listeners

to plunge into my comfy loiter

and derive joy from my existence.


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