Personal Values: Writings by Uncommon Women



56 pages (1994)

trade paper, perfect bound

ISBN 0-9637704-0-3



About the Book

Croydon, Qa, and Snyder are very different women whose dedication as artists has brought them together to share a sampling of their unique writings. Varied backgrounds and distinct interests have shaped their individual perspectives on similar experiences in experimental and alternative performance art venues. 

"It's the nineties...," and, seemingly, women have restored their power side-by-side with men. Yet, public leaders, marketing agents, and  the media continue to exploit old stereotypes. The negative impact of this "values" game exudes in the behavior of men and women everywhere in our society. And nowhere is it more visible, and  contradictory, than in the underground, where women who fight for opportunities to perform music and poetry, are still referred to by men as "babes" and "band sluts."

Here in this book, three women from the underground describe their experiences and voice their opinions—in poetry, lyrics and prose. Beautiful, comical, thoughtful, and inspiring, these writings express the alternative lifestyles and confrontational tenets of the authors, and mirror the dark side of the generative forces in our malformation super-culture. 



Leigh Nealy, Scene Magazine, December 1994
"Laura Qa reads her poems like a bamboo flute. She has a tall grass voice that sways in unison with an implicit breeze. Dee Snyder is a smarty pants slash good girl with wit lashed to her words. Elizabeth Croydon is a theatrical powerhouse conquering wordmistress who spins stories with her hands and mouth."

Penny Potter, S.H.E. News, Winter '94-95
"This collection of poems and short stories should be appreciated for taking its readers out of their comfort zones, for revealing women who are sultry, sullen, and sadistic; for helping us identify ourselves as sometimes-not-so-nice-people who have a lot to be angry about in this culture."



Elizabeth Croydon • Ms. Spelled • Touched by Fire • Spring in November • F.I.N.E. • Amaterasu • A Formal Introduction to the Me Inside Yourself • Laura Qa • Asylum in Exile • All That You Want • The Sensual Moment • A Fish at the 9:30 • She Loves Like A Man • Time Traveler • Creatures from Hell • Dee Snyder • Insect Sex • Sex and Violence • Female Fling • I Cum Too • Who's the Pussy? • Teen Sex Dream Number One • Teen Sex Dream Number Two


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