Passion for Apocalypse

by Susan Cole


with photographs of original sculptures by Robert T. Cole



36 pages (1997)

trade paper, saddle-stitched

ISBN 0-9637704-7-0



About the Book

Contrary to its title, the poetry and lyrics in this book are not about a cosmic cataclysm or the end of the world. They are about little events in the lives of ordinary people. They are about the decisions that must be made over and over by each person day after day. They are about the little things that one upon another shape the state of a whole society. These actions are sometimes so much a part of us that we call them "instinctive." But are they rooted in emotion or reason, or some combination of both?

Susan Cole examines the feelings, thoughts and actions of individuals that seem to ultimately have become a society feeding on deception, violence and fear. She asks a question, can the decisions that we make be made differently, for better or for worse? And, using art and music to form a connection with strength and determination to overcome adversity, Susan builds a different kind of link between small and large events, with hope for a happier state of being for each person who reads her words. 



New Metaphor Left to Right In the Shadow Devil or Angel (Scene 1) The Pace  Steal the Dog Curse Ye not She's a Nailer Legacy Guided by a Foreign Star Contemperance Something the Duties of an Innkeeper Make a Chariot Healing Waters Devil or Angel (Scene 2) As Lovers Embrace My Art Maker Untitled



She's a Nailer


She's a nailer.

Headed for the cross,

born to die,

her cross is fixed

upon her third third


She's a nailer.

Try not to cry;

turn into a statue.


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