Kiss It Where It Hurts

by Vanessa LaFaso





28 pages (1996)

trade paper, saddle-stitched

ISBN 0-9637704-4-6



About the Book

The clear and distinctive voice of Vanessa LaFaso's poetry resounds with the angst and bitterness of Generation X, but not without insight added to a charming sense of humor. In her efforts to build strength and encourage smiles, she leaves the reader with something to think about after each page is turned.



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I am Eve

without her fig leaf

leaves of grass brush

my belly now

I have no protection

from snake bites


I am Venus

without her scalloped shell

and linen wrap

without emanating love lit

from loins left

lingering in winds


I am Helen

without her horse

without her hero

to hold her pedestal

high above his head



I am Rapunzel

without her locks

to conceal her bare breasts

beckoning for rescue

from empty castle



I am skies

without stars


I am museums

without paintings


I am naked



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