Chaos Uncorked

by Patrick Russell Gibbons





36 pages (1996)

trade paper, saddle-stitched

ISBN 0-9637704-5-4



Excerpt from the Author's Introduction:

"The poems speak to each other, often from contrary backgrounds, and live comfortably together in the diversity of my past. Hence, a retired sunbather is just as deluded as a crazed homeless man warming himself on a subway grate. An aging World War II veteran rolling a cigarette mirrors a bodybuilder skating along the boardwalk at South Beach. Dandelions and pigeons mock the common obsessions of humans. A canyon and a river breathe a spiritualism into the matter comprising nature." 



Two Seminarians • Sex Predator • Crack Up • Purgatory Airlines Flight 101 • Ash Wednesday • Dead Cherry Tree • Monarch of Abandoned Space • Sunbather in the Dark • South Beach Vision • Rolling a Cigarette • Defiant Dandelions • Memorial Day • A Pigeon on a Traffic Jam • Qurrayah Beach at Night • Shamaal • Cyclone • Tropical Depression • On a Volume of Horace's Odes • Lone Electron • Stranger in a Menthol Cloud • Mary's, Naturally • At the Edge • Grand Canyon Echoes • Seeker



Monarch of Abandoned Space


Downtown's littered desolation

Draped in winter's midnight has enthroned

The monarch of abandoned space

Upon a yawning subway grate.


The bank's clock stands guard above him;

Its minutes march at his command.

His soiled crown reflects in polished glass,

And shattered bottles spread beneath his feet.


He counts his tribute—

Quarters, nickels, dimes—

Then rages expectations

Over a plastic vault.

He retreats into a cardboard palace.

The key to his dynasty rises in subway fog.



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