Dee Snyder

Personal Values: Writings by Uncommon Women

(with Elizabeth Croydon and Laura Qa)

True Stories: Fiction by Uncommon Women

(with Grace Cavalieri, Susan Cole, Laura Qa, and Jean Russell)

Wake Me Up and F*** Me

Photo by Gregory Snook


Dee Snyder is a performance poet, monologist, satirist, comedienne, and lyricist. Her work addresses personal and sexual issues, and often contains explicit content and visuals. She has performed her poetry at such notable places as the District of Columbia Arts Center, Washington Project for the Arts, 15 Minute Club, and Club Heaven and Hell in Washington, D.C., the University of Maryland in College Park, and the Halcyon Gallery, The Raven Bookshop, and Minás Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland. Her performance credits also includes playing drums for a number of punk rock bands. Her popular chapbook, Wake Me Up and F*** Me, is boasting its second printing in a new, revised edition. She is currently the host of the monthly open mike, "The Batcave", at District of Columbia Arts Center in Washington, D.C. She also organizes benefits for local arts organizations, with a special interest in providing exposure for new and up-and-coming performance artists.