Laura Qa 

The Crown of Affinity

Personal Values: Writings by Uncommon Women

(with Elizabeth Croydon and Dee Snyder)


Tribute to the Hound


True Stories: Fiction by Uncommon Women

(with Grace Cavalieri, Susan Cole, Jean Russell, and Dee Snyder)


The Voice of the Image


Laura Qa is a poet, writer, educator, publisher, and editor. She frequently appears at poetry readings in nightclubs, bookshops, and on the radio. Her poems and stories have been published in many journals and anthologies. Her interests include the promotion of art and artists in poetry, visual arts, and music. She runs her own publishing business through which she publishes and distributes works by diverse artists. 

Her work in professional training has included career counseling and course design and development of workbooks and video screenplay. She has been a member of the American Association of University Women and the American Society for Training and Development, and was listed in Who's Who in Training. She is currently a contributing writer/editor for Cold Cuts, a newsletter published by the Raynaud's and Cold Sufferers Network.

In 1995, Laura was the recipient of an individual artist project support grant in literature from the Alexandria Commission for the Arts. She is a member of the Women's National Book Association, and has also been a member of The Library of Congress Professional Association Poetry Workshop.



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