James Kerns

Squeezing Sand


Photo by Samantha Moranville


James Kerns is a native of Washington, D.C., and a familiar face in the underground poetry scene. He is the publisher of Mobile City, an urban arts journal "sprung from the creative talents of local bicycle messengers," and dedicated to "sampling hidden voices and images." He says of his role as an editor, "...the fact that I could know someone without ever meeting them by looking at their work, that I could learn things from them too intimate for handshakes, excited me...." He has worked as a bicycle messenger, as well as in other trades such as restaurateur, Appalachian adventure guide, Asian import/export entrepreneur, and Alaskan fisherman. Although he holds a liberal arts degree, true to the philosophy of Mobile City and his personal writings, he continues to pursue unusual occupations:


"I've heard the Inuit have twenty 
different names for snow,
but none of them mean anything

if you've never been cold."




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