Susan Cole 

Passion for Apocalypse

True Stories: Fiction by Uncommon Women

(with Grace Cavalieri, Laura Qa, Jean Russell, and Dee Snyder)




Photo by Robert T. Cole

Susan Cole is a poet, writer, journalist, teacher, musician, and lyricist. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, she began writing after the assassination of the President left her filled with the desire to understand the forces that motivate the extreme actions of the adult society she would soon enter. After earning a degree in education, she concluded that while she had a teaching certificate, she must now go out and learn something of value to teach to children. This led her to pursue the arts. She headed west to California, where she studied music and visual arts while writing and teaching. In addition to many published verses, she has written about poetry for magazines on the East and West Coasts. She now lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband, sculptor and musician Robert T. Cole. Together they perform their original music and lyrics in small venues all over the country.  



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