Grace Cavalieri 

Heart on a Leash

True Stories: Fiction by Uncommon Women

(with Susan Cole, Laura Qa, Jean Russell, and Dee Snyder)



Photo by Taghi Naderzad

Grace Cavalieri has authored eleven published books of poetry and numerous plays which have been produced for stage and radio, along with text and lyrics for opera, songs, and film. After teaching in many colleges, she now conducts workshops, and is presently on the poetry faculty of St. Mary's College of Southern Maryland. She has been a resident poet in Tuscany at Castello di Montegufoni. Her many awards include the Pen-Syndicated Fiction Award, the Allen Ginsberg Award for Poetry, and D.C. Community Humanities Commission Humanist of the Year. She has recently completed recording five programs in a fourth series of "The Poet and the Poem from The Library of Congress." 



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